Faces of the Street

Meet: Debbie

Today we met Debbie:
Debbie is a 9 year veteran of the streets of Las Vegas. Another casualty of the market collapse in 2009. Her husband was killed last year by a truck while walking in the street not far from where we met her. As a woman on the streets, she admitted it was probably a bit harder because you have to look out for yourself but all in all, she insists for the most part they all try to look out for each other. It’s sort of like a big family most of the time but of course, there’s always those couple of people you need to worry about either because of their mental state or just because they’re trouble. She’s still very thankful for what little she has and for being able to keep herself safe without her husband no longer around.
Despite the rain and fewer people visible on the streets today in Las Vegas, we were still short of lunches. We’re glad we were able to meet Debbie and feed her a Premium Lunch.

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